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30 Years of ARTC: Sci Fi Summer 2004

This being our 30th anniversary, we thought we’d dip back into the past and recap some of our previous performances, triumphs and tragedies, in a series of posts. And don’t forget our Chronology! It’s not as detailed, but it really shows the growth of ARTC over the years. You can see all of the photos in their full size on our Flickr album!

The convention scene has always been kind to ARTC. We get our biggest audiences, attract our most fervent fans, and have our biggest sales. We also have our best guest stars, and in 2004 we had the honor of performing alongside Lisa Getto at Sci Fi Summer.

Bill Ritch and Lisa Getto do a quick sound check.
Bill Ritch and Lisa Getto do a quick sound check.

Lisa was a great guest star. We actually don’t really know what she’s been up to lately, but if anybody has any info we’d love to catch up with her. She brought a talent to the show that really enhanced everyone’s performances and was a pleasure to work with!

Clair W. Kiernan preparing to sing bad karaoke in
Clair W. Kiernan preparing to sing bad karaoke in Rory Rammer, Space Marshal: Luna Shall Be Dry!

For our show selections, we went back to an old concept of Thomas E. Fuller’s, which was the idea of having a fictional radio network that broadcast old-time radio shows that were all in a similar vein. Occasionally one show would have a vague reference to another just to imply they were all in the same universe, but they didn’t really overlap. The concept was called the WOLF Broadcasting Network and we hope to get a bunch of these series into the studio very soon!

Phil Carter, Clair W. Kiernan, Megan Tindale, and Sketch MacQuinor in an episode of
Phil Carter, Clair W. Kiernan, Megan Tindale, and Sketch MacQuinor in an episode of Terra Tarkington: Interstellar Nurse’s Corps.

Among these shows were Terra Tarkington: Interstellar Nurses Corps by Wendy Webb, adapted from a story by Sharon Webb. This series tells the story of the intrepid Terra Tarkington and her adventures in the outer orbits with her beloved Dr. Brian-Scott.

Foley setup for Sci Fi Summer
Foley setup for Sci Fi Summer

We also included an episode of The Crimson Hawk. One of the great things about these kinds of shows is that they tend to be heavy on Foley. Some of our more elaborate productions make extensive use of recorded sound effects in order to keep the atmosphere more real, but in these shows we’re hearkening back to the days of old-time radio and so a little extra Foley is completely appropriate.

Cast members hold a makeshift sign that reads
The infamous “Yay!” of Rory Rammer.

Two episodes of Rory Rammer, Space Marshal were included. You can always tell when we’re doing Rory because of the infamous “Yay!” You can also tell when we forgot the sign and had to make a new one on the spot. Hey, give us a break. If you could see how much stuff we have to bring to a show, you’d be surprised we don’t forget more stuff.

Join us again next week for more 30th anniversary fun!

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Size and duration unknown

[esplayer url = “” width = “80” height = “20” title = “Superheroes…?”]

This week we delve into the realm of …superheroes?  Well, it greatly depends on how you define the term, really.  We’ve brought you installments from these great series before, but we like them (and we hope you do, too!) so here’s some more!

First up, The Brotherhood of Damn Sassy Mutants in Episode One – “Flame Out”, by “Sketch” MacQuinor.

Then, hold onto your dry-erase markers, as we bring you Mildly Exciting Tales of Astonishment – “A Consultation with Eeeeevil” by Jonathan Strickland.

Both of these were performed live at Sci-Fi Summer 2005.

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Heroes and Villains in the Big City

Length: 18:52 Size: 9M

[esplayer url = “” width = “80” height = “20” title = “Heroes and Villains in the Big City”]

Welcome again!  This week we bring you tales of Heroes and Villains in the Big City.  We begin with Thomas E. Fuller’s “The Adventures of the Crimson Hawk: The Crimson and the Red” episode one  [EDIT 4-21: Whoops!  This episode was written by William Alan Ritch!].  This is a three part serial, so be sure to tell us how you like it at  This was performed live at the coffeehouse in Little Five Points in Atlanta.  This is one of our older recordings, and we’re not exactly sure what year, but it was pre-1996.

Next up is Jonathan Strickland’s “Mildly Exciting Tales of Astonishment: Subterranean Subterfuge” recorded live at Sci Fi Summer in 2005.