Centauri Express

Centauri Express

The Centauri Express is an audio magazine distributed as a free podcast. Developed by David Benedict and William Brown, Produced by David Benedict. Updates on the second and fourth Thursday each month.We accept audio submissions to The Centauri Express! Learn More about how you can be published in our audio magazine.

Rory Rammer, Space Marshal

Come away with us now to the far-off future days of 1985AD, after men have landed on the moon! When Space Marshal Rory Rammer and his sidekick, Skip Sagan, guard the rule of law and the rights of the innocent...from the skies of Earth to the orbit of the Moon!Created and written by Ron N. Butler

Dash Cardigan

The year is 3157 and Earth Central is under attack from the intergalactic empire known as The Dark. In desperation, they attempt to summon Lord Cardigan, leader of the Charge of the Light Brigade! Unfortunately, what they get is Dash Cardigan, out of work actor. Can Dash overcome his shortcomings and defend Earth Central from the malevolent Delyna Delyn and the cyborg Krelyn led by The Basilisk?