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Heroes and Villains in the Big City

Length: 18:52 Size: 9M

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Welcome again!  This week we bring you tales of Heroes and Villains in the Big City.  We begin with Thomas E. Fuller’s “The Adventures of the Crimson Hawk: The Crimson and the Red” episode one  [EDIT 4-21: Whoops!  This episode was written by William Alan Ritch!].  This is a three part serial, so be sure to tell us how you like it at  This was performed live at the coffeehouse in Little Five Points in Atlanta.  This is one of our older recordings, and we’re not exactly sure what year, but it was pre-1996.

Next up is Jonathan Strickland’s “Mildly Exciting Tales of Astonishment: Subterranean Subterfuge” recorded live at Sci Fi Summer in 2005.