Lone Star Planet


Steven Silk has a bit of a dilemma on his hands. He’s a junior diplomat with the Solar League and he’s got a new job. He’s being sent to Capella IV, or as it’s colloquially known, “New Texas,” as the new ambassador, what with the previous ambassador having been assassinated, and he’s got quite the to-do list. First, find out who assassinated poor Cyrus Cumshaw, second, express to the local government that the Solar League finds the situation totally unacceptable, and third, convince the New Texans that they need a treaty with the Solar League. Oh, and there’s also a little matter of a potential invasion by the alien Z’Srauff. Can Silk unravel the mystery of Cyrus Cumshaw’s assassination? Can he stave off the Z’Srauff? Can he, in fact, find his way around New Texas at all, even with the help of the lovely Gail Pepperdine?


Produced by David Benedict. Directed by William Alan Ritch. Assistant Producer – Patti Taylor. Music by Alton Leonard. Recording engineering by Mike McCrary and Joseph Gould. Foley Sound Effects, Editing, and Mixing by David Benedict. Recorded at ARTC Studio.

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Digital Download

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Ron N. Butler


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2 hours 20 minutes

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