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Performed live at the Academy Theatre October 2010, with music by The Ghosts Project!

Moreau, misunderstood and hounded by the London medical community, retreats to a Pacific island to continue his experiments. The goal: Nothing less than to surgically rebuild animals into the shape of men — and to teach them the meaning of humanity.

What is the law? Not to eat flesh or fish, that is the law; are we not men? What is the law? Not to chase other men, that is the law; are we not men?

As castaway Edward Prendick learns, Moreau is a feared, wrathful “god” to his beastmen. And in comparing Moreau to his lumbering, gentle servant M’Ling, it is sometimes difficult to tell which is the man, and which is the beast.

Wells’ classic shocker raises the question of what it means to be human. “Pain… is such a little thing…”

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Herbert George Wells is perhaps best known for his groundbreaking science fiction (The Time Machine) and social commentary (The Shape of Things to Come), but his place in horror fiction is assured by the novella The Island of Doctor Moreau. Edward Prendick is adrift on a weathered lifeboat when he is rescued, reluctantly, by Dr Moreau. Moreau is returning to his remote island laboratory with a shipload of animals, source material for his greatest challenge; surgically rebuilding animals into human form. To Prendick’s astonishment and horror, Moreau is well along in his work, and the beast-men are already displaying intelligence and language skills. “Are we not men?” reads the beast-men’s catechism, and the answer is not obvious.


Directed by William Alan Ritch. Original score composed and performed by The Ghosts Project, Paul Mercer and Davis Petterson with Alton Leonard. Foley effects by Sonya Arundar and Mary Ward with David Benedict. Produced by David Benedict and soundscaped by William Alan Ritch. Audio engineering by Bob Zimmerman. Post-production by Bob Zimmerman and Grayson Bergmann.


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