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The Time Machine, part 3 of 4

Size: 8.2M Duration 17:33

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The Time Machine - small poster

Welcome back to the podcast!

The Time Machine has been adapted for audio at least 5 times, including our own rendition, by various companies around the world since 1948. There have also been no fewer than 4 movies or teleplays and it has inspired countless other media, including books, television shows, movies, comics, animation, and much more! If you like ours, be sure to let us know or post about it in the forums!

This installment of the podcast, The Time Machine, will be presented in four parts.  Written by H. G. Wells and adapted by Thomas E. Fuller, The Time Machine is one of the most well-known examples of classic science fiction.

The original playbill for the performance.  Illustration by Lindsay Archer!

Atlanta History Center logo

The Time Machine was performed live at the Academy Theatre on March 3 and 4, 2012, as a benefit for the Atlanta History Center.

The Atlanta History Center is a unique campus that houses the Atlanta History Museum, Centennial Olympic Games Museum, Swan House, Smith Family Farm, six historic gardens, and the Kenan Research Center. The Atlanta History Center also includes the Margaret Mitchell House, located off-site at our Midtown campus.