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The Brides of Dracula part 3 of 3

File Size : 17.3M Duration: 28:35

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Cast Dracula: David Benedict, Olga: Sarah Taylor, Maria: Ariel Stewart, Elizabeth/Woman: Trudy Leonard, Mina Murray: Fiona Karanina Leonard Brown, Lucy Westernra: Clair W Kiernan, Jonathan Harker: Hal Woedeman, Dr. Jack Seward: Jonathan Strickland, Abraham van Helsing: Daniel Taylor, Man/Minister/Announcer: Daniel W. Kiernan, Second Man: Al Przygocki

Foley Artists: Lili, Sonya, & Deanna Ameri, Foley mixed by Caran Wilbanks. Recorded effects provided by Henry Howard & Audio Craft Studio, performed by Thomas Berry & Rachel Bowman.

Produced by David Benedict. Directed by William Alan Ritch. Floor Management Lori Emerson. Live music composed & performed by Alton Leonard. Live & studio audio engineering by Robert W Zimmerman.

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The Brides of Dracula part 1 of 3

Duration 21:27, File Size 14.9M

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The Brides of Dracula, by Thomas E. Fuller. (presented in three parts.)

Quite possibly one of the most ambitious ARTC projects, the February 2007 live performance at Stage Door Players required extra personnel: a stage/floor manager, 3 foley artists instead of the usual one or two, a second sound engineer and mixing board solely for the foley sound, and two people to manage the digital effects. Plus extra consideration for the Brides singing parts, and our guest musicians – another rare event.

The outcome? Judge for yourself. Brides of Dracula was the featured story for this show, and comprised the entire post-intermission show.

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