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Hey, sorry for the delay, folks, but never fear, your weekly foray into the soundscape is finally here courtesy of the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company.

This week we bring you an amalgam of various short pieces culled from various venues.  First up, Nikki’s Place: Into the Blue Forest by Gerald W. Page, performed at Stone Mountain Park in 2004.  Next,Standing Peachtree by Ron N. Butler, performed at the Tomato Festival at Stone Mountain Park in 2004, and we finish up with another Ron N. Butler classic, Rory Rammer, Space Marshal in Eye in the Sky performed at Sci Fi Summer in 2003.

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An Assortment of Shorts

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What free bits do we have for you this week? Hmm… Let’s see….

Bumper’s Crossroads: Mow Better Blues. Chief Burnley’s Cake Sale. Nikki’s Place: The Big Homicide. And Bumper’s Croassroads: The Early Days.

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The Crimson Hawk: The Widow’s Web

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* Bumper’s Crossroads: Whole Lotto Shakin’ Going’ On by Daniel Taylor.

* Nikki’s Place: In a Bit of a Jam by Ron N. Butler.

* The Crimson Hawk: The Widow’s Web by Ron N. Butler (based on characters originated by Thomas E. Fuller.)

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Into the Labyrinth part 1

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A few years ago ARTC had an opportunity to perform a Halloween show for the public.  We try to perform in October whenever possible as it is a month especially suited to our horror and science fiction roots.  Our forte has always been conventions and other semi-private events where our time slot was somewhat limited and so we usually only had time for one feature piece, or maybe a series of shorts.  We always performed them just once.

But when you perform for the public you sometimes have the opportunity to repeat a show or even…dare I say it…have a run of a show.  Furthermore, we were able to expand the time slot to include the series of shorts and the feature piece.  Faced with the prospect of having more material to work with than usual and the fact that very few people had heard of any of our work at the time (outside of our loyal fans…hi, everybody) we felt the need to choose a marketable title for the overall show.  We found one in our own catalog.

Into the Labyrinth was (and is) our in-house imprint for original horror and dark fantasy.  It was one of our first, along with the audio magazine The Centauri Express, and the introduction about the “simple garden maze”, masterfully presented by William Brown, appears on a number of our studio productions.  It seemed appropriate to use the title to help promote our live show of similar material.

As our podcast continues, you will hear many excerpts from various Into the Labyrinth shows.  We hope you enjoy them all.  This week features Mildly Exciting Tales of Astonishment: Sweet Revenge and Nikki’s Place: The Collectors.