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The Game is Afoot: Game the Fourth – The Ultimate Ultimatum

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We love all of our audiences and look forward to entertaining everyone, but some audiences have a special place in our hearts. 221B Con is one of them. Not least because we pack the house when we go there!

Audience at 221B Con 2016

It’s such a ton of fun playing to these dedicated Sherlock Holmes fans. An iconic character, portayed by a variety of actors in a variety of ways, but without having to deal with all the time travel and blue police boxes. For this performance, we commissioned new scripts from Sketch MacQuinor. One was Commonplaces, by Naomi Novik (stay tuned to see if we can run that one on the podcast), and the other was The Game is Afoot: Game the Fourth – The Ultimate Ultimatum.

Alton Leonard and Hal Wiedeman
Pictured: A ton of fun

We also had a special guest for the show, David Nellist!

David Nellist with Matt Goodson

David was such a good sport about this. We only asked him if he’d appear on stage with us a few hours before show time, but he agreed to do it readily. Right up until the show itself, we were figuring out the logistics of when to have him approach the stage, how to introduce him, and going over his role.

Alton Leonard, Hal Wiedeman, David Nellist, and Matt Goodson
And then we gave him a non-speaking part and pushed his character off a cliff.

And the fans LOVED it! Next year we hope to have him back in a more substantial (and audible) role, but for this year he honored us by appearing on stage, however briefly, and gamely played along with the joke. Thank you, David!

Daniel Kiernan at the Foley sound effects table
Pictured: Our biggest fan

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The Game is Afoot! Game the third: The Adventure of the Tick Tock Dick

This month: Size: 11.7M Duration: 25:41

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This month we bring you The Game is Afoot: Game the Third, the Adventure of the Tick Tock Dick by Sketch MacQuinor, performed live at Dragon*Con, September 2, 2011.

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The Game is Afoot! Game the First: The Phantom Chippendale

Size: 9M, Duration: 19:56

[esplayer url = “” width = “80” height =”20″ title = “Game is Afoot 1: Phantom Chippendale”]

This month we bring you episode one of Sketch MacQuinor’s versatile seriesThe Game is Afoot!: The Phantom Chippendale. It was performed live at the Academy Theatre’s STEAM Fest, April 9, 2011. Versatile because it started as a puppet show, changed cast, then morphed into an audio drama, and may transform back at a moment’s notice. Or less! You can also get a visual on this performance at our YouTube site so you can see what everybody is laughing about 10 or 11 minutes into the piece. Part 1 Part 2