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The Twelve Days of An Atlanta Christmas (2015) Day 7

Welcome to the Twelve Days of An Atlanta Christmas (2015 edition)! Leading up to our December 12 and 13 performances at the Academy Theatre in Stockbridge, we’ll be bringing you our own take on this holiday classic!

On the third day of An Atlanta Christmas, my true love gave to me…seven Christmas memories…
six colored microphones
five old CDs!
four Foley artists
three singers singing
two Stockbridge shows
And an interview on WABE!

What’s An Atlanta Christmas all about, you ask? At its root, it’s about memories. Memories of Christmases past, our city’s past, and our own past. And who doesn’t wax nostalgic at this time of year? For good or bad, the season often causes us to reflect on the highs and lows throughout our lives, often accompanied by a yearning to return to the good times and a wish for things to be better or promises to improve.

At this year’s performance we will offer seven of our own favorite memories. Here’s the lineup for this year’s show (subject to change)!

Are You Lonely Tonight?
Are You Lonely Tonight?

Opening – Welcome one and all to our family Christmas!
Cut-Out Christmas – A young couple living through the Great Depression find a unique way to lift themselves up through the spirit of giving.
Are You Lonely Tonight? – The office Christmas party doesn’t always create the best memories. But sometimes it does.
The Legend of the Poinsettia – How did the poinsettia become a symbol of Christmas? Find out in this hilarious audio drama that tells the story of the fourth wise man who didn’t make the trip to Bethlehem.
The Experts – The thing you don’t often get in the South at Christmastime is snow. More often we get ice. And that’s a totally different thing to try to drive on.
Davy Crockett and Me – What does television have to do with Christmas in the 1950s? A lot, actually.
Blue Hannukchristmas Carol – This fan (and cast!) favorite returns again to tell the story of three spirits trying to overcome a case of mistaken identity to bring the true joy of Hannukah back into a young Jew’s life.