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The Twelve Days of An Atlanta Christmas (2015) Day 10

Welcome to the Twelve Days of An Atlanta Christmas (2015 edition)! Leading up to our December 12 and 13 performances at the Academy Theatre in Stockbridge, we’ll be bringing you our own take on this holiday classic!

On the third day of An Atlanta Christmas, my true love gave to me…ten actors acting…
nine sound effects
eight years of benefits
seven Christmas memories
six colored microphones
five old CDs!
four Foley artists
three singers singing
two Stockbridge shows
And an interview on WABE!

It takes a lot of people to get audio drama into the ears of our audiences. Foley artists, audio engineers, floor managers, and a bunch of other people that we’re not sure what they do. Oh! They’re actors! Yes, those wonderful voices that are ultimately the focal point for telling the story.

This year we’ve got at least ten of those talented folks for you. Come meet them! Ask them questions! Get their autographs (unless you’re planning to forge their signatures, in which case skip the autograph)!

An Atlanta Christmas cast from 2009
An Atlanta Christmas cast from 2009