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An Atlanta Christmas episode 1

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Welcome, welcome one and all to our family Christmas! To every family Christmas that ever was or ever will be! Behold the traditional Christmas tree weighted down with ornaments and decorations! Every five year old’s Christmas morning writ large and come true!

For one day a year, the Theater of the Mind gives way to a warm hearth and a bowl of gingerbread — and when from the roof there arises a clatter, it’s neither a faceless monster nor a Martian.

It’s Christmas.

Christmas is memories.  For the next 5 podcasts, ARTC will be bringing you some of our favorite memories from our holiday programming, drawing heavily from Thomas E. Fuller’s An Atlanta Christmas, but with a few other surprises along the way.

This week we bring you The Ultimate Christmas Pageant and O Tannenbaum by Thomas E. Fuller, and Some Assembly Required, by Daniel Taylor.

These were recorded live in 2003 at Stone Mountain Park’s Fruitcake Festival.  Featured in the cast were the voices of Joyce Leigh, Daniel Taylor, Ron N. Butler, Neil Butler, Colin Butler, Daniel Kiernan, Clair Kiernan, Tamara Morton, Justin Ameri, Katie Brass, Megan Jackson, Juliana Finch, Sarah Taylor, Josh Adams, Jack Mayfield, and Caran Wilbanks.

Foley sound effects were created by Lili, Deanna Ameri, and Sheila Ameri.  Music performed by Brad Weage.  Sound engineering by David Carter, Ray Spitz, and Elayna Little.  The show was produced and directed by William Alan Ritch.