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Dr. Geoffry Stanhope: A Vision of Vampires

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This month we bring you Dr. Geoffry Stanhope, Investigator of Occult Phenomena: A Vision of Vampires, by Thomas E. Fuller, performed live at Anachrocon, February 22, 2013, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Geoffry Stanhope currently appears in 5 episodes of this short-running series. Drawn from the journals of Colonel Horatio Fitzwilliams, the adventures detail Dr. Stanhope’s quest to uncover the dark places in the world and bring them to light. It’s a bit like Holmes and Watson meet Mulder and Scully.

In this episode, Dr. Stanhope and Col. Fitzwilliams have traveled to the island of Antigua,where they are told of a number of mysterious deaths. Is it voodoo? And can Baron Samedi help them solve the mystery?

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