The Rats in the Walls – LIVE


Delapore. A name with a history. A history of unspeakable atrocity; a history of black arts; a history of hatred, and terror. Delapore. It’s just a name, now. In this case, it is the name of a man returning to England to reclaim the lands of his family. The name of a man who knows the skeletons in his family’s closet — or so he thinks. Delapore. Surely it is possible to outlive the past. Surely it is possible to outrun one’s ancestors, to outrun history — to outrun fate. Surely a man’s destiny lies in his own hands, and not in the misdeeds of men a hundred generations dead. Beware, England. The last Delapore has come home.

Logo for The Ghosts ProjectPerformed live at the Academy Theatre October 2012, with music by The Ghosts Project!

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Brad Strickland


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