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Post-Halloween Extravaganza (Into the Labyrinth)

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You say you can’t get enough Trick or Treating? You say that you spent most of October looking for TV special with the “Round-Headed Kid” on DVD? You say haven’t slept for 48 hours because of the insane sugar rush? Is that’s what’s troubling you, Pilgrim?

Seriously though. We have two shows from Into the Labyrinth 2005: Farm Report of the Worlds by Brad Strickland and Penny Dreadful, by Kelly Swilley

Farm Report of the Worlds: Imagine you’re waking up to AM Radio… the morning *after* the night that H.G. Wells’ Martians attacked.

Penny Dreadful: And what happens when a lost book by an unknown author suddenly and mysteriously appears on a library shelf?