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Size: 6M, Duration: 13:19

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Don’t ya just love digital technology?  We do a performance and less than two weeks later we can podcast it!  This month we bring you two selections from one of our shows at Dragon*Con 2008, recorded live on Sunday, August 31, 2008 at 7pm in Regency 6 and  7.

First up we have The National Endowment for Space Art by Ron N. Butler, featuring the voices of Ron N. Butler as Griff Michaels and Laurice White as Jane Handley-Page.

Next we bring you a new episode of Mildly Exciting Tales of Astonishment: The Time Board by Jonathan Strickland, featuring the voices of Ron N. Butler as the announcer, Jeff Montgomery as Lord Destructeronimous, Ariel Stewart as Vroomhilda, and Jonathan Strickland as the Algonquin Alchemist.

Live Foley sound effects were created by Rachel Bowman, Neil Butler, and Sonya.  Recorded effects provided by Henry  Howard and Audio Craft Studio.  Music was composed and performed by Brad Weage.  The floor manager was Lori Emerson, audio engineering by Bob Zimmerman.  This podcast was prepared by David Benedict.