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Hello again, and welcome to another ARTC podcast.  This week I’ve chosen to call the episode “Continuity” for a couple of reasons.  First, we’ll be continuing the episode of “The Crimson Hawk” that we began last week by playing part two of “The Crimson and the Red” by Thomas E. Fuller [EDIT 4-21: Whoops!  This episode was written by William Alan Ritch!].

Next we’ll bring you “Unresolved Mysteries, Solved While U Wait: A Very Special Creation” by Ron N. Butler, which, without giving too much away, deals with the continuity of the universe.

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Plato’s Cave

Size: 7M – Duration: 15:16

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Myths and legends are our subject this week.  Hope you enjoy them.

Unresolved Mysteries, Solves While U Wait: Loch Ness
Plato’s Cave: Down and Out in the Elysian Fields
both by Ron N. Butler

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A Bridge to the Past

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In the words of William Brown, “Due to technical problems beyond our control, we now join our regularly scheduled program.”

This week’s show is entitled “A Bridge into the Past.” Why? Because I needed a name and that’s what I came up with on short notice.

Bridge: Actually, one of the things you don’t usually get to hear in our podcasts, Dear Listener, is the “bridging material.” The short, often one-use scripts that ARTC producers insert into the live shows as buffers in between our more known stories. There is a small but healthy sampling included.

Past: This week’s features are a little older than our normal fare. And like the bridging material, they are also things we don’t usually podcast. ARTC has had many varied venues in its past. And veteran ARTC performers may (or may not) wax nostalgic about places such as “Eddie’s Attic,” or tip a mug of Collins Best Coffee in a remembrance of ARTC’s Coffee House Days. Or of Guerilla Radio Theater at Manuel’s Tavern.

Included: “The Adventures of Hercule Perot.” (Last name not a typo, any similarities to any Texas businessman are coincidental.) “UnResolved Mysteries Solved While You Wait: Phrenotherapy.” And “A Girl and Her Griffin.”

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Unresolved Mysteries Episode Guide

The Loch Ness Monster
Daniel Kiernan and Clair Whitworth Kiernan journey to Scotland to solve the mystery of the Loch Ness Monster once and for all — by draining Loch Ness!

Past Lives Regression
With arch-skeptic Randy Zwinge keeping an eye on things, Daniel and Clair are regressed to their past lives together as — Rhett and Scarlett?

Daniel finds that the latest developments in phrenology can be a real kick in the head…

UFO Abductions
Daniel and Clair disrupt eastern Kansas to hitch a ride on a UFO. (Parental warning: Contains nudity.)

Terror on the Prairie!
Randy Zwinge goes to Black Helicopter Country to investigate the latest in UFO abductions.

The Great White Hunter
He wants to put a stuffed Yeti head on his den wall — and that’s only the beginning of his plans!

Daniel and Clair infiltrate Area 51 to see the latest in aeronautical technology. Or maybe not…

Collins’ Best “Unresolved Mysteries” Commercial
Daniel and Clair investigate the origins of the “kick” in Collins’ Best.