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A Rory Rammer Episode Guide

So far, there are twenty stirring adventures featuring the dynamic Marshal, his eager young Cadet, and his ever-expanding supporting cast, many of which have been featured at Dragon*Con and NecronomiCon. In approximate chronological order, they are:

Eye in the Sky
One-joke spoof on the Hubble Space Telescope’s problems. (I’ll do the really cheap jokes around here, thank you. — RNB) Introduces R. Rammer, S. Sagan, Prof. Feynman, daughter Kryssa, and archvillain Rex Gorbachev.
Runaway Rockets
Rory gets his chance to earn Miss Feynman’s eternal gratitude by rescuing her when her father’s rocket scooter runs away with her. Instead, he sets them on a collision course with the Sun.
The Green Man’s Burden
Rory looks on while Bureau of Martian Affairs field agent “Bubba” Beacham matches wits with canny “Green Indian” chief Two Moons — with predictable results.
The Martian Mafia
Attempting to capture a cholesterol smuggler on the Martian moon of Phobos, Rory uses a practical knowledge of orbital mechanics to save the day.
Luna Shall Be Dry!
In flashback, young Marshal Rammer gets his first posting, to the rough mining town of Luna City, just as a female temperance activist crashes the robot freighter carrying L-City’s monthly shipment of liquor. Rammer must take her into protective custody before the outraged miners capture her and do God-knows-what with her.
The Last Vampire
Recovering an object plunging in from deep space, Rory and Skip, with Prof. Feynman and his daughter, find it is the last survivor of a race of alien vampires.
The Island of Doctor Marceau
Investigating a terrorist extortion plot on Venus, Rory and Skip are kidnapped and brought before the shadowy figure behind the scheme: mad geneticist Renée Marceau.
Set Loose the Dogs of Time
Sent by the Science Council to shut down physicist Sinead O’Chronos’s experimental time machine, Rory and Skip are captured, trussed up, and must watch as O’Chronos cranks up her device — with possibly catastrophic effects on the very fabric of Reality.
The Asteroid of Love
Rory and Skip accompany the “Android Sisters” on a special USO tour to a Space Marines base on the asteroid 1011 Amor.
The Cosmic Cycloplex
While rescuing Prof. Feynman from a black hole-like phenomenon — a “cosmic cycloplex” — Rory falls in.
The Phantom Menace
Captain Cosmos, Space Pirate, is waylaying spaceships all over the inner Solar System in his sinister, invisible battlecruiser. But is that any way to make a living?
Enemy of the People
Crashed in the Martian desert with smuggler Rex Gorbachev, Rory must decide who is worse: Gorbachev or the Martian police, who are determined to execute him for smuggling in eggs, bacon, and Ho-hos.
The Planetoid of Doom
Rory and Skip, with the help of a robotic deputy, must stop an asteroid miner who wants to cut out the “mining” step of getting his ore to Earth — by nudging the whole asteroid towards Earth with a hydrogen bomb!
Queen of the Spaceways
Rory, Skip and undercover operative Michiko Sakai investigate a series of puzzling spaceliner hijackings between Earth and the Moon.
The Lance of Justice
Rory and Skip are assigned by the Undersecretary for Stratospheric Affairs to act as technical advisers for a new TV show: “Lance Thruster, Rocket Ranger!”
The Colour of the Shadow of the Outsider Over the Mountain of Madness Out of Space
The Dunwich Disposal Corporation uses power generated by consuming garbage to recharge depleted power storage units. But their energy output is far more than can be accounted for by the amount of raw materials used. Does Dunwich have an unlicensed atomic pile? Or is their power source… something else?  
The Meteor Surfers
Rory and Skip must stop a gang of “meteor surfers” — teenagers who “surf” down from Earth orbit using flimsy, one-man heat shields and parachutes, endangering themselves and any air traffic below. A gang of surfers hijack an orbit freighter for a mass drop — but Rory delivers them into the arms of Justice.  (Or at least improved parental supervision.)
Murder by Meteor
Rory and Skip, with robot police officer DARIL T-8, investigate a freak accident at a science station in the Asteroid Belt: A scientist struck in the chest by a meteorite. But was it an accident? Was it a meteorite?
A Visit from Saint Rex
(The infamous Christmas episode.)  He wears a red suit.  He has a beard.  That’s a sack of toys on his back.  But he’s not Santa Claus, he’s space pirate Rex Gorbachev.  So the toys are stolen and the visions dancing in his head have to do with the black market price of a “Pickle Me Nemo” doll, not sugarplums.
Slaves of the Zombie-Tron
Rory battles his own mind-controlled cadet in order to defeat the plans of rogue scientist Richard Icthyopolos.
The Angel of Destruction
When the State Dept. accidentally leaves the Saturnian moon of Iapetus off the list of U.S.-claimed astronomical bodies, three nations launch expeditions to take possession. Rory and Skip try to defuse the situation before it leads to a three-cornered war back on Earth.