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30 Years of ARTC: Gaylaxicon 2007

This being our 30th anniversary, we thought we’d dip back into the past and recap some of our previous performances, triumphs and tragedies, in a series of posts. And don’t forget our Chronology for a look at our 30 (and counting!) years of live performance!

This week we bring you our appearance at Gaylaxicon 2007. Check out all the pictures on our Flickr album.

Here at ARTC we have a special place in our hearts for our convention audiences. They turn up in droves and always appreciate what we offer up to them. And while we have our favorite haunts that we visit every year (LibertyCon, Dragon Con), we’re also keen on checking out new conventions, especially ones that pick new cities every year.

David Benedict
On the lookout for new conventions.

In 2007 we had an amazing opportunity. First we were invited to Gaylaxicon 2007, a first for us, and second we learned that one of the guests of the convention would be Keith Hartman! Keith used to be a regular member of ARTC, but then moved to Los Angeles to pursue fame and fortune, and has had quite a bit of success!

Cast of Gaylaxicon 2007
Proof that Keith still loves us.

We performed some of our favorite pieces. Brotherhood of Damn Sassy Mutants, A Ship Named Francis, and The Shape of Things to Come.

Tech for Gaylaxicon 2007
We used a lot of tech to do it, too.

And everybody had a wonderful time!

Foley for Gaylaxicon 2007
David Benedict and Jonathan Strickland
Just look at those smiles.

We’ve got plenty of convention shows planned for 2015! Hope to see YOU there!