Does one have to live in the Atlanta area to write for ARTC?

We’ve tried our workshopping process with writers who aren’t actually present, but the process is usually a dialogue between the company and the writer, and that’s a lot harder when they aren’t physically present. We get asked periodically about whether we accept scripts from outside writers. The process for doing so is as follows: If you are local to the Atlanta area and are available to come to our Wednesday night rehearsals, contact us and we’ll send you directions. After you’ve introduced yourself we’ll set up a time for you to bring your script in.

If you are NOT local, please prepare a one-page synopsis of your story and a one-page sample of dialogue you’ve written. Contact us and let us know of your intention to submit and we will send back instructions for how to submit those samples. If your story intrigues us and your storytelling style fits in with our own presentation style and capabilities, then we will invite you to submit the entire script for consideration and then we’ll go from there. There will almost certainly be revisions requested, so be prepared for that.

On the other hand, if you have a script you want produced and are looking for a production company for hire, contact us and we’ll negotiate rates for the production!