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  • The Hoyden

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    The Hoyden


    Impetuous Lady Martha and her sister, Lady Julia, are shy country girls, come to London to be presented to Society by their Aunt Maybelle, the Duchess — and, if the Duchess has her way, to marry well. However, the plain-spoken sisters are ill-prepared to cope with the circumspectly courteous demands of city life and High Society.

    Will Lady Martha survive her encounter with Lord Peter Thornham with her reputation intact, or will his rakish reputation soil another family’s good name?

    Can quiet Lady Julia rescue her sister from the fate that awaits her, with the aid of the foppish Lord Edward Toffington? Will the London social scene ever be the same? Will the Duchess?

    After all, once one’s reputation is already in tatters, one may do and say as one thinks…

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