Why do you call yourself “Radio Theatre” when so much of your programming is online?

Because there really isn’t a consensus among those who do what we do as to what we should call it. Back in 1984, “Radio Theatre” seemed the obvious choice. Lately there’s a swing towards “Audio Drama”, but in our personal appearances we do a lot of comedy, and we don’t want to mislead people. (As if “Radio Theatre” doesn’t.) Plus, if we changed the name of the company, we’d have to change all the stationery, letterheads and business cards… Let me tell you, it’s a real bear to get a corporate jet repainted. 🙂

No, seriously.

We’ve been wrestling with the question of exactly what we are for a while now. Are we a theater company who only occasionally has a theatre? Or are we a radio theater with a stronger online presence than on the radio? Are we “new old-time radio”? We like to think that we’re what traditional radio drama and comedy might have become, if it had lasted long enough in the United States to take advantage of today’s technology and dramatic techniques. Perhaps the best label for us, if you must have one, is “Small-Press Audio Publisher”. We’re an art form divorced from its medium, and the Internet is the greatest thing to happen to us since Norman Corwin.

But all this time and energy you’re putting into a dead art form…

It’s not dead at all. It’s largely moribund in America, although there are still dozens of companies here who produce dramatized radio programs (here’s a helpful page to assist you in finding some of them!). Elsewhere in the world, particularly at the BBC, radio thrives as a storytelling medium. And we have confidence that sooner or later, the US will catch up.