What station are you on?

This question is kind of the bane of our existence. When we first started over 30 years ago we actually DID start on the radio. Unfortunately, times have changed and getting on the radio is very difficult and getting people to listen can be even MORE difficult.

In the past, the good folks at Peach State Public Radio used to invite us in to play every Hallowe’en for several years. And we spent the first two summers of our existence with a weekly program on commercial radio (nobody told us it was impossible). We also have podcasts!


The Mark Time Awards

The Mark Time Awards are presented each year for excellence in audio in the fields of science fiction, horror, fantasy, and detective/mystery.  See past winners.

Board of Directors

Through December 2022
William Alan Ritch
Ron N. Butler
Ellie Cook

Through December 2023
David Benedict
Retta Bodhaine
Dave Schroeder

Through December 2024
Billy Barefoot
Alton Leonard


William Alan Ritch – President
David Benedict – Vice-President, Executive Producer, Marketing Director
Billy Barefoot – Secretary
Alex Lucyshyn – Treasurer

William Alan Ritch, Robert Drake – Convention Liaisons
Oreta Campbell – Table Sales
Robert Drake – Parliamentarian
Brian Smith – Senior Producer Online Media