I have an awesome idea for a script!

That’s fantastic! We’d love to hear it. But here’s the thing: writing for audio is different from any other kind of writing we’ve ever come across. It’s more story-driven than most television or movies and has a lot less narration and exposition than most books. You can’t lean on special effects, sight gags, or body language. Everything has to be conveyed in the voice or the sound effects.

Because audio drama is not written as often anymore, it’s rare to find someone who can write it well right out of the gate. Therefore, we have an extensive workshopping process where we will listen to a reading of your script and offer you feedback and suggestions. A successful writer for ARTC will take that constructive criticism and be prepared for a rewrite or two or more before they can expect it to be performed. We’ve workshopped some interesting concepts into really amazing audio dramas in the past and we’d love to do it with yours as well!