The Menace From Earth


We have done it! We have reached beyond the fragile shell of Earth! Men and women walk and live on the surfaces of Mars and Venus and the dark of the moon glitters with the lights of cities! We have done it! We have changed the face of worlds! The only thing we have not changed — is human nature. And growing up is never easy.

Even on the Moon.

Holly Jones, fifteen, born and raised on Luna, has her course plotted–she’s going into spaceship design with her partner Jeff Hardesty (“I am not romantic about him, we’re simply partners”). But the Earth-Moon shuttle brings a wild card named Ariel Brentwood, and Holly watches her plans deflate like a leaky space suit.

Preview The Menace From Earth

Also, a little bit of fun that shows the importance of editing.  The Hollywood-style preview for The Menace From Earth



Produced and directed by William Alan Ritch. Recorded by Henry Howard at Audio Craft Studio. Original music by Brad Weage. Foley sound effects by Lili Bilbao and Sonya Arundar. Recorded at Audio Craft Studio.

Also included:

Rory Rammer, Space Marshal: Luna Shall Be Dry! by Ron N. Butler

In flashback, young Marshal Rammer gets his first posting, to the rough mining town of Luna City, just as a female temperance activist crashes the robot freighter carrying L-City’s monthly shipment of liquor. Rammer must take her into protective custody before the outraged miners capture her and do God-knows-what with her.

Rory Rammer, Space Marshal: Luna Shall Be Dry! was written by Ron N. Butler, produced by David Benedict and directed by William Alan Ritch.  Featuring the voices of David Benedict as Rory Rammer, Jack Mayfield as “Skip” Sagan, Phil Carter as the Announcer with Clair W. Kiernan, Daniel W. Kiernan, Doug Kaye, Terry Sanders, Sketch MacQuinor, Trudy Leonard, Ron N. Butler, and Daniel Taylor.

Recording engineering and recorded effects provided by Henry Howard at Audio Craft Studio.  Music by Brad Weage.  Karaoke songs by William Alan Ritch and Joel Abbott.

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