The Invisible Man


The small English town of Iping is just a waystation on the main road to Port Braddock. Nothing ever happens in Iping. Not in the dead of winter with the snow thick and crisp on the ground. Not with the wind howling and the ice crunching underfoot. Not until the Stranger came with his thick dark glasses and his head wrapped in bandages. Not until the Invisible Man arrived.

H G Wells’ The Invisible Man is one of the true classics of science fiction, as frightening and fresh now as it was when it was first written. For there is terror in doors that open with no one behind them, in footsteps in empty halls, in a touch in an empty room. And for Griffin, the Invisible Man, in the discovery of what it is to be both powerful — and powerless.


Featuring the voices of Berl Boykin, Ron N Butler, Thomas E Fuller, William Jackson, Doug Kaye, Joyce Leigh, Lee Millman, and Brad Strickland.

Adapted and directed by Thomas E Fuller. Music by Alton Leonard. Produced and soundscaped by Henry Howard at AudioCraft Studios.

Also included:

The Kraken
an Adventure of the Crimson Hawk by Thomas E Fuller

Evil rules the night…but it does not rule supreme. Beware, evil-doers, of the light of justice and the talons of the Crimson Hawk!

Join us for this special presentation recorded live on stage, as ARTC pays tribute to the masked radio heroes of yesteryear.

Performed live at Memorial Hall in Stone Mountain Park October, 2004.

Featuring the voices of Geoffry M. Brown, Jack Mayfield, Clair W. Kiernan, Daniel W. Kiernan, and Phil Carter.

Produced and directed by Geoffrey M. Brown, David Benedict, and Tracy V. Wilson.

Music by Brad Weage. Foley sound effects created by Daniel Taylor, Lili Bilbao, and Sonya Arundar.

Recorded effects provided by Henry Howard and Audio Craft Studio, performed by Tracy V. Wilson.

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Thomas E. Fuller


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