Rory Rammer, Space Marshal: Volume 03


Come away with us now to the far off future days of 1985 AD, after men have landed on the moon! When Space Marshal Rory Rammer, and his sidekick, “Skip” Sagan, guard the rule of law and the rights of the innocent from the skies of Earth to the orbit of the moon!

A longtime fan favorite series returns with five thrilling episodes. Hear our intrepid Marshal and his eager young Cadet as they navigate the inner solar system in their rocket ship, the “Silver Star,” delivering a synthetic diamond, providing entertainment, overseeing diplomatic negotiations, matching wits with a mad scientist, and investigating spaceship hijackings!

Written and created by Ron N. Butler.  Produced by David Benedict.  Directed by Ron N. Butler.  Editing, Mixing, and Foley Sound Effects by David Benedict.  Music by Brad Weage.  Recording engineering by Retta Bodhaine at ARTC Studio.

This product contains the following classic missions:

  • “Eye in the Sky” : The optics on a new telescope require a synthetic diamond to be delivered to correct an issue. But Rory has his suspicions.
  • “The Asteroid of Love” : The Space Marines have done a great job under pressure and are getting a reward in the form of a visit from the Android Sisters.
  • “The Green Man’s Burden” : A spaceship has crashed in the Red Hills of Mars, setting off a tricky treaty negotiation with the chief of the Martian tribe, Two-Moons.
  • “Slaves of the Zombie-Tron” : Dr. Richard Icthyopolos has a nefarious plan to kidnap the Secretary for Science for ransom! Can Rory and Skip foil the scheme?
  • “Queen of the Spaceways” : Spaceship hijackings are way up. Rory and Skip investigate why one liner in particular seems to be unaffected, with the help of Michiko Sakai, one of the Department of Extraterrestrial Justice’s top undercover operatives.