Rory Rammer, Space Marshal: Volume 02


Come away with us now to the far off future days of 1985 AD, after men have landed on the moon! When Space Marshal Rory Rammer, and his sidekick, “Skip” Sagan, guard the rule of law and the rights of the innocent from the skies of Earth to the orbit of the moon!

A longtime fan favorite series returns with five thrilling episodes. Hear our intrepid Marshal and his eager young Cadet as they navigate the inner solar system in their rocket ship, the “Silver Star,” matching wits with an energy company president, various scientists, a cholesterol smuggler, other nations of Earth, and freelance detectives!

Written and created by Ron N. Butler.  Produced by David Benedict.  Directed by Ron N. Butler.  Editing, Mixing, and Foley Sound Effects by David Benedict.  Music by Brad Weage.  Recording engineering by Retta Bodhaine at ARTC Studio.

This product contains the following classic missions:

  • “The Colour of the Shadow of the Outsider Over the Mountains of Madness Out of Space” : A routine trip to Asteroid 1937-RKM to examine some unusual energy shipments becomes anything than routine when Rory, Skip, and Titus Coltrane encounter the mysterious PDQ Lovecraft.
  • “Murder by Meteor” : The J. Allen Hynek Astro-Observatory on Asteroid 1941-D7 has suffered a catastrophic accident with 50% casualties. Which sounds worse than it is because only two people are stationed there. But when Rory, Skip, and DARIL T-8 come to investigate, some things don’t add up.
  • “The Martian Mafia” : Can Rory and Skip bring in notorious cholesterol smuggler “Wild Wally” Willet?
  • “The Angel of Destruction” : When Rory and Skip run into trouble with various nations all trying to lay claim to the recently de-listed moon Iapetus they call in the Space Force.
  • “The Mystery of the Mummified Martian” : Rory and Skip get help from three crack detectives as they try to unravel what happened to a poor Martian, discovered on board the drone freighter “Henrietta Kaiser”.