Nairobi Jack and the Lost Gold of the Atlantimengani – 13 Godquake


This is it! The concluding chapter of Nairobi Jack Rackham and his adventures in Africa. Can Jack succeed in his plan to defeat Pythos and Paradon Maximos? Find out in the thrilling conclusion!

This episode features the entire cast of this amazing series! We couldn’t have done it without each of you and we’re thrilled with the level of talent we were able to find for this. Could season 2 be forthcoming? We’ve got some ideas, but we want to hear from YOU about what you’d like to have for Jack’s further adventures! In the meantime…enjoy Godquake!

Hal Wiedeman: Director

David Benedict: Producer and Nairobi Jack

Alton Leonard: Music

Eric Lang: Dusty Jim Slayback

Katelyn Laird: Dr. Valerie Martin

Daniel Taylor: Professor William McKinley Martin

Dave Schroeder: Bwana Barney Carter

Brian Troxell: Count Gunther von Altmann

Tom Palmer: Shundermann and Announcer

Paul Patterson: Amarka

Dionna Davis: Khara Jaynialin

Joe Ravenson: Darkser Coralin

Bob Brown: Malcolm Jones

Adam Ross: Paradon Maximos