Mercury: A Broadcast of Hope – Year Five


What do you do when you’re trapped in a radio station during the zombie apocalypse?

You help people.

Continuing from where they left off and publishing every day, this is the story of a group of survivors living in a college radio station broadcasting messages of hope and survival during the zombie apocalypse. This collection is Year Four. A full 33 hours of content in 5-7 minute episodes including the reveal of the truth about Fiddleback Hollow, the threat of the Zombie Friends Association, Agnes’s seed saga, the tale of Baby Holly, the formation of the Pigeon Post, the community of Jude’s Progress, Max’s obsession with Agnes’s allegedly cursed necklace, and the ominous introduction of the community of Goose Lake!


Download consists of 27 zip files containing the mp3 audio with the last zip file containing the scripts and credit information. For best results download one file at a time. Each file is approximately 100MB

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