Ghost Dance


“And the Earth will rebel against the White Man and against the sons and the daughters of the White Man and they and all their works will be swept aside and it will be as though they never were. And the buffalo will return in his millions and the Plains will be dark with his thunderings. Thus spoke the great Prophet Wodziwob to the Paviotso, thus speak I, Wovoka, to the Sioux. The Ghost Dance is the way. The Ghost Dance is our salvation. The buffalo, the buffalo will come again. They will come again. They will come. They will…”

It’s just a Western theme park, a slightly seedy collection of weathered buildings and aged teepees. Every day the buses come, every day the tourists take their pictures, every day the streets echo with staged gunfights and faked bank robberies. And every day a group of old men stage a dance out of history.

And out of time.



Produced and directed by William L Brown. Recorded live at the studios of Peach State Public Radio.

Also included:

Armada Rising, by Thomas E. Fuller

Strange sightings off the coast of England are the stuff of mass hysteria. Lost causes create their own magic — and was there ever a cause more lost than the Spanish Armada…? But then, what is approaching Plymouth?

Featuring the voices of William L Brown, Henry Howard, William Jackson, Doug Kaye, Joyce Leigh, Lee Millman, Joel Newman, and Walt Williams.

Written and directed by Thomas E Fuller. Produced and soundscaped by Henry Howard.

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