Dr. Geoffry Stanhope, Investigator of Occult Phenomena: The Dweller in the Depths


Doctor Geoffry Stanhope, Investigator of Occult Phenomena. Reminiscences from the Memoirs of Colonel Horatio Fitzwilliams, British India Army, Retired.

In this episode: The Loch Ness Monster is only a story, isn’t it? Dr. Stanhope and Colonel Fizwilliams investigate!

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It is the habit of military men to write memoirs, a habit that reached its peak during Victoria’s reign, that High Noon of Empire.  Over one third of the world owed it’s allegiance to the Widow of Windsor and her sons dutifully returned to her after their tours of duty, armed with pen and ink to record their experiences.  The bright light of England was everywhere — but light casts shadows and in shadows strange things breed.  Colonel Horatio Fitzwilliams, late of Her Majesty’s Armies in India, chose to tell of those shadows and one man who delved into them.

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