For one day a year, the Theater of the Mind gives way to a warm hearth and a bowl of gingerbread — and when from the roof there arises a clatter, it’s neither a faceless monster nor a Martian.

It’s Christmas.

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  • An Atlanta Christmas

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    An Atlanta Christmas


    Welcome, welcome one and all to our family Christmas! To every family Christmas that ever was or ever will be! Behold the traditional Christmas tree weighted down with ornaments and decorations! Every five year old’s Christmas wish writ large and come true!

    Christmas is memories. Come share a few of our favorites, from an elementary-school pageant only a parent could love, to a holiday spent overseas in 1915, to office parties where strangers force themselves into festive patterns — and sometimes discover that they become what they pretend to be. Learn what goes on behind the beard of a shopping-mall Santa, and what the reaction might have been the first time a family wanted to decorate a tree in the parlor.

    Also available for the first time in this collection: Three very different perspectives on the same Civil War holiday; songs of the season by Alton Leonard and Juliana Finch; and more!

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