Centauri Express Audio Submissions

The Centauri Express is an audio magazine distributed as a free podcast developed by William Brown, David Benedict, and Anthony Fuller.

We are accepting audio submissions for the program. Our initial publication rate will be monthly, but we hope to eventually get to an every-two-weeks schedule. Each episode is intended to run between 45 minutes and 1 hour and may consist of any or all of the following segments:

  • Episodic audio drama
  • Musical guest
  • Interviews with people relevant to any aspect of audio drama
    • Writers (novelists, playwrights, audio drama writers, etc)
    • Producers
    • Directors
    • Musicians
    • Foley
    • Other roles if they’re interesting
  • News stories relating to audio drama, pop culture, or any of the above topics
  • Reviews of audio dramas, podcasts, pop culture, movies, television, graphic novels/comics, etc.
  • Previews and promotions of upcoming or ongoing audio dramas
  • Convention reports
  • Other topics to be determined

Submissions can be made by anyone within the following guidelines:

  • Acceptable file formats include wav, mp3 (320kbps), and flac.
  • At this time, please use your favorite file-sharing service to get the files to us. Yousendit, Google Drive, Dropbox, or similar.
  • We’re striving for a kind of NPR feel where there is a variety of offerings for the listener.
  • Stories should be between 5-15 minutes. These are guidelines – shorter or longer pieces may be considered, but they should be as close as they can be while still achieving their goal.
  • Segments should be submitted in final audio form so that they can just be dropped in with the rest of the audio without additional intro/outro. Please introduce yourself, close out your story, and feel free to plug yourself, your podcast, your blog, or whatever. Make it easy for listeners to find you.
  • Reviews, previews, and promotion of other audio dramas are welcome and encouraged, but please do not send full episodes. Centauri Express is a distribution medium for ARTC and a promotion medium for everyone else. Also, promotional segments should be for free offerings. If you are attempting to sell your product, please get in touch with us about ad placement or a sponsorship. If you have a Patreon, that’s ok, as your offering will still be freely available and listeners can decide whether to support it.
  • Political stories may be considered, but only if they have a tie-in back to audio drama or other pop culture. Feel free to send a pitch before doing the actual production work.
  • In fact, feel free to send a pitch before doing the actual production work no matter what your story is about if you feel any doubt at all. We’d love to help you out.
  • Audio quality is paramount. This means clear vocals, no ambient hiss or room noise (unless that’s a part of your story), etc. If doing a report from a convention, do your best. Conventions are noisy.
  • Stories should be as evergreen as possible. Stories about current events are welcome, but try not to go for “breaking news,” as we may not be able to include your segment immediately upon submission.
  • Interviews can be scheduled and planned or done on-the-fly (if at a convention, for example). Just try to get the audio quality as good as you can.

Send links to submissions, questions, or pitches to us here!