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Centauri Express – Vol2, Issue 1 – Dash Cardigan 01

Size: 41.7M Duration: 30:26

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Centauri-Express-logo-transparentWelcome to the first issue of the second volume of the Centauri Express Audio Magazine! As we’ve mentioned before, the first volume of the Express was way back in the 1980s and was distributed on cassette, if you can believe such a thing. Today, we’ve moved into…a more modern era.

Dash-Cardigan-webAnd, as promised, we are bringing you the expanded edition of Thomas E. Fuller’s epic space opera, Dash Cardigan. We originally presented it as the hour-long stage version on ARTC’s Podcast, but this is the expanded 13-episode original version. Chock full of character development, tense plots, and astounding…wait, what? The whole series is a bunch of cheesy jokes and classic movie references? Sounds great!!

Louis+Puster+IIIAlso in this issue of the Express, William L. Brown interviews author Louis Puster, III about his Saga of Ukumog series of books and we’ll also hear a segment from a panel discussion at Sci Fi Summer 2016 that features William Brown, Anthony Fuller, and William Alan Ritch. We’ll bring you more of that panel discussion in future issues of the Express, so stay tuned for that!

As always, thanks for listening and let us know what else you’d like to hear in the audio magazine!

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Everyone’s a Member!

Membership Has Its Privileges

ARTC-color-logoHere at ARTC we make joining up and participating as easy as we can! You contact us, we send you directions, you show up…BAM! You’re a participant.

But it’s also possible to be an actual member of ARTC. To do that you have to start out as a participant and then pay some modest dues (that’s not a metaphor, it’s actual cash).

And there are benefits! You have to be a dues-paid member (among other things) to be eligible to be on our Board of Directors. You have to be a dues-paid member to vote in the yearly elections. And if you’re a dues-paid member, you get a discount on ARTC products!

But what if you’re not in the Atlanta area? What if you’re just too busy or too far away to take that first step by being a participant? What if you still want that sweet, sweet discount?

Dragon Con 2016

Then we have good news for you, especially if you’re attending Dragon Con 2016. Because at Dragon Con, if you’re wearing your ARTC colors, then you’re a member!

ARTC-RavenHere’s the deal: You show up at the ARTC sales table (which has been located in the Hyatt, down by the art show for the last few years and we expect to be there again this year, but it’s Dragon Con, so you never know) wearing any sort of ARTC logowear and BAM! You get that sweet, sweet discount. How much is the discount? Why, that’s 20% off any ARTC-branded items on the table.

Does that include CDs? You bet it does.

How about digital content? Absolutely.

Other merch? Yuuuuuup.

Where Do I Get Logowear?

You can get some of it here, but thARTC-Rory-Rammerere’s a much wider selection on our brand new Threadless shop, Woodrow’s Mercantile and embroidered stuff at Queensboro.

We’ve got funny sayings like “If It’s My Job, It Must Be Tedious“. We’ve got a selection of our cover artwork like The Call of C’thulhu and Blues for Johnny Raven. We’ve even got an old favorite, Rory Rammer, Space MarshalAnd we’ve got the tried and true ARTC logo in full color!

ARTC-Cthulhu-blackThreadless has a wide selection of styles available, too. So far we’ve kept it simple, but if you don’t see what you want, drop us a line and let us know! Adding styles is easy, we just didn’t want to have so many that you got a brain cramp!

Over at Queensboro you can get really cool polos, button up shirts, and hats, all with the ARTC logo tastefully embroidered on them!

And don’t forget our other great logowear like lapel pins and iron-on patches!

Promotion limited to ARTC-branded merchandise at the ARTC sales table at Dragon Con 2016. Discount is 20% rounded to the nearest dollar. ARTC logo must be visible on top of whatever else you’re wearing at the time you approach the table to be eligible.