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DragonCon Performance Cast Announced!

With DragonCon just a little over a month away,  ARTC has begun the process of rehearsing for our live performances. Below is a list of the talented cast which will be bringing these adventures to life! 

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Rory Rammer/Queen of the Spaceways (Friday, 4 Sept.)​

Rory Queen crop     Written by Ron R. Butler     

      Announcer – Joe Ravenson
     Rory RammerDavid Benedict
     Skip SaganAdam Ross
     Michiko Sakai Laura Corliss
     Aphrodite DeHavillandClair Kiernan
     Dale Alexander – Daniel Kiernan



Blues for Johnny Raven (Friday, 4 Sept.)​


   Written by Thomas E. Fuller

     Johnny Raven – Daniel Kiernan/Adam Ross
     Gloria KinsolvingFiona Leonard​/Laura Corliss​
     Benny the GospelBrad Strickland
     Prowse – Joe Ravenson
     Lorenzo Gold Daniel Taylor



Passion of Frankenstein (Sunday, 6 Sept.)​


     Victor FrankensteinMatt Goodson/Daniel Taylor
     MonsterDavid Benedict/Daniel Taylor
     ElizabethPaige Steadman/Elisabeth Allen
     ConstanzaKelley Ceccato/Clair Kiernan
     HenryRon Butler/Dave Schroeder
     MeyerDaniel Taylor/Adam Ross
     EricDave Schroeder/Ron Zukowski

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The Passion of Frankenstein part 3 of 5

Size: 9M Duration: 15:39

[esplayer url=”″ width = “80” height = “20” title = “The Passion of Frankenstein part 3 of 5”]

Continuing our presentation of Thomas E. Fuller’s powerhouse, The Passion of Frankenstein, this month we bring you a performance from LibertyCon 2015.

As we’ve mentioned several times, the script is like an irresistable force, bearing down on the audience and hitting them with a heady blend of emotion, horror, and intense sound effects. The piece is vocally challenging for our actors. When we decided to bring the performance to World Horror Convention, we knew we couldn’t just perform it once but we also knew that the actors’ voices might never be the same if they had to perform it as many times in a row as we were planning.

So for LibertyCon 2015 we switched up the cast. We hope you enjoy this segment that features several performers brand new to ARTC!

The cast and crew of
The cast and crew of “The Passion of Frankenstein” for LibertyCon 2015
And this is what happens when the director loses control of the performers.
And this is what happens when the director loses control of the performers.




We’re also bringing you the preview of our upcoming new release, Blues for Johnny Raven! Be sure to check out the IndieGogo campaign to see how you can help us make the CD available to YOU!