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Guards! Guards! part 1 of 3

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Wow.  It’s hard to believe we’ve been podcasting now for one full year.  Fifty two podcasts have come and gone and now we’re starting on year two, and we’re starting it with a really special one.

Back in 2001 we received permission to perform Guards! Guards! by Terry Pratchett at Dragon*Con.  Furthermore, we were very priveleged to have John Rhys-Davies play the role of Lupine Wonse  When the performance was over we thought that was it…a copy of the recording was sent to Mr. Pratchett, but other than that we thought it would remain locked in the vast, cavernous ARTC archive vault.

But then we started podcasting.  And so I wrote to Mr. Pratchett and asked permission to distribute the recording and happily he agreed.

What you are about to hear, in three parts, is something I will always be proud of.  I worked very hard on the adaptation, and believe me, cutting a novel-length book down to an hour is hard work, especially when you have an attachment to the material like I did.

I’d like to thank Mr. Terry Pratchett for permission to do the adaptation, performance, and the podcast.  I’d also like to thank the late Thomas E. Fuller for his assistance with the adaptation.  And I’d like to thank all of you for helping us reach one full year of podcasting, with hopefully many more to come.

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This week we delve into the realm of …superheroes?  Well, it greatly depends on how you define the term, really.  We’ve brought you installments from these great series before, but we like them (and we hope you do, too!) so here’s some more!

First up, The Brotherhood of Damn Sassy Mutants in Episode One – “Flame Out”, by “Sketch” MacQuinor.

Then, hold onto your dry-erase markers, as we bring you Mildly Exciting Tales of Astonishment – “A Consultation with Eeeeevil” by Jonathan Strickland.

Both of these were performed live at Sci-Fi Summer 2005.

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Rory Rammer, Space Marshal: Murder by Meteor

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This week: the finale in a 3-part Bumper’s Crossroads, followed by Rory Rammer, Space Marshall: in Murder by Meteor. In two weeks, we celebrate our first year of podcasting with a very special audio adaptation. Presented with permission: the live performance of the ARTC adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s “Guards, Guards.” With extra-notable super-special guest voice, John Rhys-Davies. This will be presented in two parts, one before and one after ARTC’s live performance at Dragon Con here in Atlanta GA, on Friday September 1, 2007, right after the Opening Ceremonies. And next week, we revisit our roots in horror, when ARTC’s Podcast will present another of the works of H.P. Lovecraft. So don’t miss out. And remember… There is Adventure in Sound.

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Rory Rammer, Space Marshal: The Doomsday Planet

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Hey, our one year podcasting anniversary is in a few weeks, and we have a special surprise for you. Check back next week for further details. This week’s presentation, from Necronomicon 1998: Rory Rammer, The Doomsday Planet (a.k.a. the Planetoid of Doom) by Ron N. Butler. and Bumper’s Crossroads.

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Rory Rammer, Space Marshal: Runaway Rockets

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From Necronomicon 1996: Ron N Butler’s Rory Rammer, Space Marshall. The episode entitled, Runaway Rockets. It says part one in the introduction, but there is no part two. I checked. And, part one of three of Bumper’s Crossroads, from Necromonicon 1998.