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Rory Rammer, Space Marshal: The Asteroid of Love

Time: 12:57 File Size: 8.9 MB

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The Asteroid of Love (written by Ron N Butler) originally contained a song of the same name, which was a parody of an Andrew Sisters song. Obviously, this was not podcast safe. For our February 2007 show, musician Alton Leonard composed a _new_ song to replace the parody. And he performed it here with the Android Sisters, and our guests for that show, the Radio Ramblers. Of which, he is a regular member.

The cast: Announcer – Hal Wiedeman Rory Rammer – David Benedict. “Skip” Sagan – (and show host) – Daniel Whitworth Kiernan. Lavernw – Ariel Stewart. Maxine – Sarah Taylor. Patty – Clair W. Kiernan. Molly Pohl (Womanist) – Trudy Leonard. Space Marines Lieutenant – Al Przygocki. Live Foley by Lili, Sonya & Deanna Ameri. Recorded sound effects performed by Thomas Berry & Rachel Boman, provided by Henry Howard / Audio Craft Studio.

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The Brides of Dracula part 3 of 3

File Size : 17.3M Duration: 28:35

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Cast Dracula: David Benedict, Olga: Sarah Taylor, Maria: Ariel Stewart, Elizabeth/Woman: Trudy Leonard, Mina Murray: Fiona Karanina Leonard Brown, Lucy Westernra: Clair W Kiernan, Jonathan Harker: Hal Woedeman, Dr. Jack Seward: Jonathan Strickland, Abraham van Helsing: Daniel Taylor, Man/Minister/Announcer: Daniel W. Kiernan, Second Man: Al Przygocki

Foley Artists: Lili, Sonya, & Deanna Ameri, Foley mixed by Caran Wilbanks. Recorded effects provided by Henry Howard & Audio Craft Studio, performed by Thomas Berry & Rachel Bowman.

Produced by David Benedict. Directed by William Alan Ritch. Floor Management Lori Emerson. Live music composed & performed by Alton Leonard. Live & studio audio engineering by Robert W Zimmerman.