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100th Podcast Episode!

Size: 23M, Duration: 32:56

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We made it!  100 episodes of ARTC’s Podcast.  Y’know, we really need a catchier name for this thing.  If you have an idea for a great new name, let us know!

But we digress.

For the 100th episode, we knew we had to bring out all the stops, come up with something so spectacular that it would blow everyone away and leave everyone talking about how we could possibly top it.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get permission to use it, so we went for the next best thing (and set ourselves up for an awesome episode 200) and went with our Dragon*Con 2000 performance of Rory Rammer, Space Marshal: Queen of the Spaceways.

Not only is Rory Rammer one of our most popular and requested series, but in this episode the role of Rory Rammer is played by none other than Ted Raimi!  Joining him in this star-studded cast areAlexandra Tydings and Claire Stansfield!

If you’re enjoying the podcast, be sure to tell your friends.  And tell us, too.  We’re your friends, right?  So tell us you like it so we’ll want to keep doing it!